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Energy Equilibrium Inc  provides reservoir surveillance and management services to our clients. Our objectives is to reduce cost and increase production in mature reservoirs with the aid of best reservoir surveillance and management practices.  We embed our experts in clients’ teams with the following objectives:


  • Data acquisition, interpretation and management (pressure, well tests, well logs, production, injection, sampling)

  • Monitor and control the reservoir and wells performance.

  • Evaluate reservoir behavior and characterization.

  • Determine the wellbore conditions.

  • Understand the fluid flow in the porous medium.

  • Analyze and accurately understand different reservoir / well anomalies.

  • Apply reservoir surveillance and monitoring techniques

  • Identify opportunities for infill drilling and workovers, pattern balancing, well/reservoir performance and ultimate recovery.

  • Take proactive actions.

  • Resolve wells/reservoir problems.

  • Increase well’s life.

  • Minimize costs

  • Maximize oil recovery.

  • Establish best practice reservoir management guidelines and procedures.

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